Environmental Services

We provide dairymen with research-supported expertise related to environmental stewardship.

IDA, through our environmental services, advocates for dairymen by maintaining good working relationships with regulatory agencies. We strive to develop common sense solutions to assist dairymen with their regulatory compliance and sustainability goals.

Pricing Options for NMP Writing

Flat Rate

Phosphorus Site Index Plan


+ $20/field over 25 fields

Threshold Plan


+ $20/field over 25 fields

3-Year Contract


  • One New NMP
  • One Update of Existing NMP
  • Annual NMP Checkup
  • Annual Manure Sampling*
  • Annual Manure Application Recommendations
  • Annual Nutrient Budgeting

25 fields or less


26-50 fields


Greater than 50 fields

*Cost of lab analysis is not included.

Other Services

NMP & Consulting Hourly Rate


Soil & Manure Sampling


*Cost of lab analysis is not included.

If you are interested in any of these services or would like to learn more, please contact us.