Environmental Stewardship

Our Goal

To provide dairymen with research-based expertise in all matters of environmental stewardship

To help Idaho’s dairymen achieve success, IDA provides a range of nutrient management, soil health, and water quality and quantity services including:

Nutrient Management Plans

All Idaho dairy facilities, regardless of size, are required to have a state approved Nutrient Management Plan. As certified planners, we develop, update, and review nutrient management plans.

Manure, Soil & Water Sampling

With Idaho State Department of Agriculture and Idaho Department of Environmental Quality licensing, we offer services for sampling soils, manures streams, and public water systems.

Producer Education & Outreach

Our expertise can help dairymen understand the science behind any complex system. Our staff is available to talk producers through advanced technologies, innovative cropping practices, and emerging industry topics.

Nutrient Budgets & Application Records.

Keeping accurate records of all nutrient applications is critical. Our simple and straightforward approach helps dairymen apply nutrients at agronomic rates and makes documentation manageable.

Environmental Assessments

We help identify areas for improvement and provide options to assist producers in achieving their nutrient management goals.

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

We facilitate good working relationships between producers and agencies.