Megan Satterwhite
Director of Operations

With a M.S. in Natural Resources and a B.S in Agriculture Science and Technology from the University of Idaho, Megan Satterwhite serves as the Director of Operations for the Idaho Dairymen’s Association (IDA) where she supports the Association’s environmental services program in addition to managing the IDA office and staff. Her boots-on-the-ground experience working alongside dairy producers on nutrient management, manure handling and storage, soil and manure sampling, and regulatory compliance has made her a trusted resource throughout Idaho’s dairy industry. In a continued effort to find innovative solutions for the hurdles encountered by local dairymen, Megan dedicates much of her time to identifying, prioritizing, and refining IDA-funded environmental research projects.

Prior to her role as the Director of Operations, Megan served as IDA’s Nutrient and Water Management Specialist; a position earned in part due to her background as a Research Technician for the University of Idaho Soil and Nutrient Management Program. There, Megan gained valuable research experience in crop production, soil fertility, and nutrient management, with an emphasis on dairy manure applications.