IDA Board of Directors

Idaho Dairymen’s Association and each of its affiliated entities are governed by the IDA Board of Directors. The board is comprised of dairymen elected by their peers from each of the three milksheds in Idaho.

Pete Wiersma

President (Magic Valley)

Arie Roeloffs

Vice President (Magic Valley)

Ted Vander Schaaf

Secretary/Treasurer (Treasure Valley)

Alan Branch

(Magic Valley)

Allan Swainston

(Eastern Idaho)

Andrew Vander Woude

(Treasure Valley)

Hank Hafliger

(Magic Valley)

Justin Engberson

(Eastern Idaho)

Lael Schoessler

(Magic Valley)

Lynn Keetch

(Eastern Idaho)

Rudi DeWinkle

(Treasure Valley)

Willie Bokma

(Magic Valley)

The Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee is comprised of dairymen appointed by the IDA Board of Directors from each of the three milksheds in Idaho. They function independently and bring policy additions and changes to the IDA membership for consideration.

Kim Wolfley, Chairman (Eastern Idaho)
Alan Reed (Eastern Idaho)
Winfield Anderson (Eastern Idaho)
Devin Boehome (Eastern Idaho)
Don Gaalswyk (Magic Valley)
Alan Branch (Magic Valley)
Rudi DeWinkle (Treasure Valley)
Pete Doornenbal (Treasure Valley)
Don Heida (Treasure Valley)