Our History

In 1924, Idaho’s dairy industry leaders began meeting as the Idaho Dairymen’s Association (IDA) to develop and sustain an economically viable Idaho dairy industry. In those early days, IDA was funded through voluntary assessments from its processor and producer members.

Today, the IDA falls under the umbrella of the United Dairymen of Idaho (UDI), which was formed in 1980 as a single entity that contains two separate organizations – IDA and the Idaho Dairy Products Commission (IDPC). Each organization serves a different purpose under the auspices of the UDI – IDA deals with industry and government relations projects, while IDPC focuses on promotion and marketing projects.

In 2003, the Idaho Dairy Environmental Action League (IDEAL) LLC was formed, followed by the creation of the IDEAL Foundation in 2008. The IDA teamed with the IDEAL LLC and IDEAL Foundation to assist the Idaho dairy industry and our broader communities realize the many social and economic benefits of successful livestock operations, while working to protect and enhance important air, water and soil resources.

Today, the Idaho Dairymen’s Association works tirelessly at the local, state, regional and federal levels to protect and promote the legislative, regulatory and legal interests of its members.