Labor Shortage Petition

As we head into the new year with a new Administration and Congress in Washington DC, immigration reform continues to be our main focus at the Idaho Dairymen’s Association. The Members of the IDA are actively working to highlight the need and support for immigration reform with our congressional delegation. Our Members have a goal of collecting at least 10,000 signatures on the below petition outlining the needs for immigration reform.

Our request is that each of you sign the petition below and encourage five other people to fill out the petitions by the end of February so they can be prepared for delivery to our congressional offices. Maintaining a vibrant rural Idaho economy is dependent on securing sound, sensible, logical and socially responsible immigration reform.

Thank you,
Bob Naerebout
Executive Director
Idaho Dairymen’s Association, Inc.

Address the Dairy Labor Shortage Now

Whereas, there is a massive shortage of workers for the dairy farms in Idaho; and
Whereas, a consistent, legal workforce is essential to efficient operation of dairies; and
Whereas, dairy producers are currently prohibited from using any existing farmworker visa program;

We, the dairy producers of Idaho and supporters of the dairy industry in our state, respectfully request that the Members of our Congressional delegation work with other Members of Congress and the new Administration to develop and implement federal legislation that includes an effective visa program for dairy farm workers as soon as possible.

An effective visa program for dairy farm workers includes the following: 1) legal status for the current experienced workforce; 2) access to year-round workers; and, 3) an effective program for legal new workers when they are needed in the future.

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