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Idaho Leads the Way

Dear Friends, Greetings from Idaho! Being in Idaho is a good reminder of how immigration affects all communities. From inside the D.C. beltway, it's easy to forget. But Idaho has been transformed by immigrants and refugees. Idaho has a major dairy industry. A lot of the milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter in your kitchen comes from here. But there has been a major worker shortage, at near-crisis levels for many dairy farmers. The immigrant and refugee community have made a tremendous difference. They work hard, filling crucial jobs that would otherwise go undone. And perhaps more intangible, but just as importantly, they bring new life, vibrancy, and energy to this community. While there are many ways that Idaho is special, this is not one of them. Similar versions of this story have played out in communities across the country. In communities big and small, immigrants and refugees are filling crucial roles and revitalizing communities. But while the impacts are local, ... Read More

Economic Impact

The dairy industry in Idaho is a large economic driver for the state. Newly released numbers show the industry's breadth and expansiveness. Below is a snapshot of the new report. For a full version of the report, click the link below. Complete economic impact report. ... Read More