Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs and Idaho Dairymen’s Association Joint Press Conference

Hispanic labor is the backbone of the economic vitality of rural Idaho. Recent executive orders have provided an increase in public awareness that immigration reform is needed. We have assembled key players in the immigration discussion to address immigration reform from both the state and national perspective at this press conference. Juan Saldana - Community Research Development Specialist Priscilla Salant - University of Idaho, McClure Center, Director/Retired Ali Noorani - Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, an Washington DC based advocacy organization promoting the value of immigrants and immigration. Growing up in California as the son of Pakistani immigrants, Ali quickly learned how to forge alliances among people of wide-ranging backgrounds, a skill that has served him extraordinarily well as one of the nation’s most innovative coalition builders. Charlie Garrison – Founder of the Garrison Group. Now in its third decade The Garrison Group is a ... Read More

Dairy Does an Economy Good

New numbers highlight breadth of dairy's impact on Idaho's economy  Twin Falls, Idaho – (October 24, 2014) – Newly released numbers showcase the thriving dairy industry and its economic impact in the state of Idaho and throughout the world. The University of Idaho’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) studied the industry and completed its economic impact study. The Idaho dairy industry is the 3rd largest dairy-producing state in the country in 2014 thus far, and has large contributions to the employment and economic foundation in Idaho. Tony VanderHulst, President of the Idaho Dairymen’s Association (IDA), states, “We use these economic impact studies to quantify our industries financial contributions to rural communities and the state. The study clearly shows we have a thriving and healthy dairy industry in Idaho. With the current robust dairy economy it can only be anticipated that the economic contributions for 2014 will increase significantly.” The Idaho dairy ... Read More


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